Website and Mobile App. Portfolio

Highlights (but not ALL!) of Our Work Over the Past Fifteen Years

Website & Mobile App. Portfolio

Highlights of Our Work Over the Past Fifteen Years!

All of the websites shown below have been built since the onset of responsive 'mobile' design.

Not much point in highlighting anything built before then...

Tegridy Home Improvement
Online Brochure website of Tegridy Home Improvement. Also runs a full blown Project Management System for authorized users.
More About Tegridy Home Improvement
Business Building Basics
Online Business Building Courses. Converted live presentations to an online training program.
More About BBB Training
Group Travel Videos
An online application for private group image sharing during travel by travel groups such as class trips to Washington D.C, or college football bowl games.
More About Group Travel Videos
Visual COBOL Training
Online Visual COBOL Courses. Installed a headless server on a Visual COBOL VM, and created deployable online obfuscation training.
More About Micro Focus
The Power of Memories
An online repository where users can store their digital images. Eventually technology buried this application.
More About The Power of Memories
TransCorp Spine
TransCorp Spine was a dual headed website. Serving as both an advertising vehicle and directory service for specialized spinal repair.
More About TransCorp Spine
Friedreich's Ataxia Research
the main hub for resources for those suffering from the horrible disease of Friedreich's Ataxia. Similar to MS, those who suffer from it need a strong support system.
More About FARA
PhotoVision, Inc.
Similar to Group Travel Videos, the target market is weddings, family reunions and sporting events. Like using old disposable cameras, except on your phone...
More About PhotoVision
MacOutfitters was one of the first specialty stores to sell and repair Apple products... that was not owned by Mr. Jobs
More About MacOutfitters

See Something You Like...??? We've Got Something You'll Love...!!!

Create a Video
Create A Video is the bricks-and-mortar subsidiary of PhotoVision, Inc. It's primary service is transferring non-digital media to digitized formats.
More About Create a Video
PackWebAsia is the News Network for the Asian Packaging Community. It aggregates packaging news from around the globe to keep it's readers informed.
More About PackWebAsia
Estate Resources
Estate Resources is THE go-to resource for Estate and End-of-Life Planning information.
More About Estate Resources
Ablaze Communications
Ablaze Communications is a marketing agency, working mainly in the Pharmaceuticals Sector. When I first worked on this site, it was a Joomla original.
More About Ablaze Communications
EpiCeram is the product website for a topical skin care product produced and distributed by PuraCapĀ® Pharmaceuticals.
More About EpiCream
Jen Phillips April
Jen Phillips April is a copywriter and the original social media maven. When I worked on Jen's site, it was a bit outdated and did not work well on mobile devices.
More About Jen Phillips April

Need Help? No Problem... We've Got You Covered...!!!

Debbi Harris Associates
Debbi Harris Associates is a career consultancy service. Their original website was built sometime in the early 2000's. In 2011 Debbi hired me to bring her website up to current industry standards
More About Debbi Harris
Oneray Transformation
Oneray (honor-ray) Transformation is the website for Arlene Curley's Comprehensive Practice for Healing and Transformation. The site features a robust blog and sections where Arlene can register for her workshops and seminars.
More About Oneray Transformation
Powering Possible
Self-help website geared toward finding the things that no longer serve you, and freeing yourself from them.
More About Powering Possible
A Sweet Destination
Bricks-and-mortar store website. Built at the onset of social media, the 'Fresh Cupcakes' feature put them on the map!
More About A Sweet Destination
Aquatic Advocates
Aquatic Advocates site is geared toward people interested in having a swimming pool built. Former builders protecting homeowners from predatory swimming pool companies.
More About Aquatic Advocates
Crowned Beautiful
Crowned Beautiful was a site dedicated to women who wear hair. Drop-ship manuals and DVD's shipped worldwide for years.
More About Crowned Beautiful

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